Instant Google Map Maker Starter :Behind the Scenes

Instant Google Map Maker Starter Cover Page

Instant Google Map Maker Starter Cover Page

Geographic information is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. Sourcing and making a reliable geographical directory and database of the places we love, let alone one online, is a very expensive undertaking. However, with Google Map Maker, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Google provides a platform where individuals and communities can collaborate to put the places they love and know on the map for everyone to see and use across the world online, all for free.”Instant Google Map Maker Starter” offers a simple approach to getting started with Google Map Maker with clear and uncomplicated examples and diagrams to take you through the process of creating and sharing your first map. This is meant to help you realize the full potential of this free web mapping platform for both your community and your business.

…Reads the preamble of my new book, am an author, can you believe it? Heeheee, no am kidding right? You wish.

It has been 5 long months. Months that I set myself to write. Write on a topic and subject that I have always loved and studies, Maps. When one of the Scouts from Packt Publishing from the UK emailed me asking if I would be interested to Author a book on Google Map Maker, quoting my blog, yes this blog, as his reference, I laughed at that thought. I mean there are millions of avid users and contributors of Google Map Maker across the globe. Why me? After absorbing the shock, I took up the challenge ecstatically. I was determined to have that small circled letter C to my name. That Copyrighted material. I was excited

Soon after taking the challenge, I learnt that it would not be a walk in the park. I was presented to strict schedules, timelines and conventions. I was giving up barely before I even finished the 1st chapter after being asked to redo Chapter 1 and provide better quality images with strict conventions on usage, Screw it. I had a good job. Why was I bothering and toiling?. Luckily I had someone, an unsung and unrecognized figure in this book, whose contribution would remain unsung. That (yes am avoiding explicitly stating the gender) person was so influential. The moral support and encouragement got the better part of me and I resumed writing with vigor, more relaxed and more determined. And in 3 months, I had finished and submitted the 1st drafts of the entire book.

We then spent the next 3 months with different teams from the publication house ranging from Quality assurance teams, Layout, technical Editors and then of course the marketing teams. Each team came in and provided their expertise in the book, from laying it out neatly, to quality assessment and even typos. We shared and exchanged emails and ideas with each and every  member of this teams till finally we were able to layout the final book at

It has been an interesting period learning new skill sets and interacting with new people. I am grateful to all the unsung and unseen heroes and sheroes  who in one or the other consciously and unconsciously, directly or indirectly contributed towards the publication of this book.

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