Of Cramming and the Library

Crammers rule is a fairly common rule we use in campus.It refers to that art and/or science of cramming,word to word what the lecturers have been feeding us for the past semester.In a campus where success and passing are measured by how much and well you can recall what the lecturer gave you in class in form of notes,this is a noble rule.As usual I have been running up and down,from club to club,Gulping one after the other.Now its exam time and I am not well prepared..Or is it prepared at all?
Nevertheless,I know I will surely pass my exams.I have a fairly Good memory.First I just need to make sure I have all the notes that were given,and of-course there order.I will start by locking myself in that isolation chamber-i stopped going to the library long time ago since I got more distracted by the sight of too much flesh to stare at.The girls have made our library a hunting ground.they get to the library dressed to kill.and I mean literally to kill.one time i was sited close to this girl,she had a very short tight skirt.I happened to drop my pen, mischievously of course- and what followed…when i bent down to pick it up, instead of her putting her legs together,she opened them wide apart.i stayed down there for about a minute wondering and lost on what to do…When i stood up,she was looking me straight in the eyes like she wanted to gauge my reactions.MY evaluations of whatever i had seen…One look at her and i was dead meat from the inside.I pretended to be so engrossed with my books so much.starring so hard at my books,but i kept repeating the same line.When i noticed i could not grasp anything,i went out and that was the last time i ever wanted to get near the library.

i have to get back to my cramming,the lectures will be very impressed when I duplicate to them there notes in the exam.i don’t care, that’s the system here.You only know as much as your lecturer gives you.Try being smart by say using a different method to solve that calculus problem,heeyyy,u will see fire\.especially of the lecturer doesn’t know about it.I learnt that long time……