With Hon. Calistus Mwatella and KIE Folks

I never knew I would meet and rub shoulders with such key and high members of the Kenya Education sector so soon. I mean I had just completed my undregrad barely a month ago Infact, I was still 6 months way from graduation? Yet here I was sitted at the KIE (Kenya Education Institute) boardroom, netbok in hand, projector on the table and XO on my Lap. Phew, I was all set to deliver a presentation. Shaking and panicky as usual….

Squeezed in between Assistant Minister for Education, Hon Calistus Mwatella ( 2nd right) and the top bras for KIE.

Squeezed in between Assistant Minister for Education, Hon Calistus Juma ( 2nd right) and the top brass for KIE.

I am trying to compose myself, to be myself, to speak myslef. Am excited. Am so happy. Am over the roof. Well if you think its because am in the presence of the Minister for education, well you are damn wrong. I aa about to make a life changing speech on the role of ICT in out primary schools? And I have all the justification and demo of the XO laptop . And I have my best friend and evangelist, Chris Kakoba, flanked by our supportive and instrumental power lady, Sandra Thaxter. As we start our discussions, highlighting to this top brass of education in Kenya what we have been doing, how and the results, one cant help but see the suprise in them. Not because they are marveled by what we have been doing, but because at how easy we make it seem and how we have managed to do that out of our own pockets and well, we are all amateurs in the education sector in Kenya, young, busy with our schedules and plus we probably have fullt ime jobs? 9Well am jobless at that time ) and Chris is a Full Time Hustler 🙂

Well, let me cut short this post, we got the attention fo the Education brass, got a followup meeting with the LIE folks with directives from the minister and then we posed for the pics and we all lef very happy, very encouraged and feeling ready to bring the change to our education. We both went to the bus stage and we both took our matatus to our respective hoods. I bid farewell as my bus no. 45 blast with latest Bubble gum riddim as it took me to my hood (then), Mathare.

Watch out for what hapepned next 🙂


G-Kenya2.0:Time to Pretend am a Developer

Its yet another time for all techie or aspiring techy students to test Google’s profits.The G-Kenya is here and i tell you there is no event like G-kenya for students.The food is nice,the talks boring or is it that i just dont understand code?,(but we always clap and cheer coz it Google right?) and most of the time nobody even understands what the Googlers teach but we always nod in acknolwdgements…i wish they knew we get nothing,Why?Coz this guys teach very fast,they make lots of assumptions that the existing infrastructure and platforms in kenya are like in the developed world!Last year I saw this guy using the Linux OS,He looked very geeky and i was scared i knew nothing.he was typing commands that i knew not,being a windos boy,i watched him mesmerized…but that was shortlived.I was dumbfounded when he saw me open Google Maps and hew was like,”dude,thats awesome?!”…i regained my courage…
woiyi,me am already filling my spot for the buffet lunch,and ofcourse the Google Swags,that I will have to floss to my friends back in Campus how techy I am and how am connected to Google…Cant wait …see it here:

G-Kenya 2.0