The Joy and Fun of Graduating

I can now sigh with relief.The past 2days have been graduation days.Damn graduation!The hell we have to endure in the name of graduation!ehemm!I have been in campus for a long time,believe me when I say long its long…so far I have witnessed 5graduation ceremonies!–thats for another day….As i was saying,I hate and loothe graduation days as much as I love the comic and comedy they bring.
First we have to endure and live bila network for the entire graduation days!Can you imagine campus bila network?Imagine no facebook,no sms,yaani literally no gossip!its like you have been thrown into the dark ages.As if that’s not enough,they have to totally disrupt my “normal campus life”.That means I have to walk around with my campus ID!ukoloni kabisa…all the messes have been “messed” up.In pretext,wameweka blinders na kutandika meza!Crap.and worse they have restricted my entry into the mess,eti its been rersevedto the gusts!Painfully and sadly I have to dig dipper into my pocket to eat.I am used to eating 22 Beans,a a cheap and energetic meal that comprises Ugali@5bob,Beans@12bob and Highly Boiled Skuma or Cabbage for my constipation @5bob!whwre else to you eat such?Outside I will have to part with at-least 30bob yet hata sita shiba hata nusu ka mess…that’s my biggest reason for hating this damned graduation.

The other reason why I hate this graduation is that I had not called Cindy-my chips funga-to ask her to come we watch movies all day long.Since its an early weekend and its about that time of the semester where we all eat like Chicken,I cannot afford to take her partying.Am dry!And the movie is just an excuse to get her to my room!oh eti room,this is just a prison cubicle.The only sweet thing about is that I have freedom;freedom to bring anyone in and do as I please.My room mate has gone home and its just that perfect time to have the room to myself…damned the network.All my texts have all bounced nd my calls cant get through…i guess Vaseline will just have to do it.After all si “tunapenda vaseline”?I mean the hit song? 🙂

Now to the comic!Feeling disappointinted.,I wander around campus to see the old and young folks who have come all the way to celebrate the degree of their son and daughter!I cannot stop to smile seeing how elegantly the chicks are dreesed to kill ti impress on the campus boys!uhmmm,lipsticsk shining on their lips,some spluttered on their necks.Face shining,full of Kimbo i guess…the boys are not left out!Sahara and Timberlake original sub-standard boots abound.With the 50Cent adorned caps and timber shoes,they walk majestically around campus.They are out to hunt,i pity them.Dogy ziko kila place.Crumbs and steaks are allover.and business is good too.Looks like Ngara has been moved to Campus..anything you want from flowre,cards,instant photos to even “barafu” yaani the village ice-cream…wololo..hata steel wool.I wonder what one may need a it for!As i stroll in campus,i forget all my woes as i get entertained by all the drama of the graduation.I cant wait for it next year….

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