OLPC XO Resource’s: How Chris Saved the Day

As I prepare to get my 1st XO site up and running at this remote and tiny location  Village where I grew up and schooled Partially. The pressure is mounting and I fel overwhelmed yet embarrassed at the same time. The 1st batch of the 6XO’s I was awarded of 4 XO;s hav been lying idle in my house. After configuring and adding some few more Activities (Read Apps 🙂 ). I have finally managed to Convince a cousin of mine to volunteer to this noble course. She has agreed to be a volunteer Teacher for my Site. After all, she always wanted to study and teach computers  and she getting started at the University.

I am however worried if she will get acquainted with the XO environment and teaching. So I draft a few emails and do a few Google Serachs fr any useful Teaching Aid’s for XO’s. I Cant find any with local relevance. I am getting frustrated, frustrated as I know that I will have to do all the Training manual again. arrrgggg, this sucks….

However, in the midst of my Frustrations, my Good friend Chris calls and he tells me he has some nice Manual he developed. I am excited. I am happy. Knowing Chris for the brilliant young man he is, It is welcome relief as I am pretty sure the kind of Materials he developed are quality work. i know my site ill get started now. I am relieved even more when he agrees for me to share some of it. I Particularly find this one very useful. So anyone looking for an XO teaching aid, especially for XO in Kenya, here are the links:

1. Guide to OPLC and XO in Kenya